Enjoying the Joy of Nothing…

23 Nov

Right now, our son, David, is amusing himself rather quietly for once, Jane is out on an errand and work for about an hour or two, and I am contemplating a blank, white, 36″x48″ pre-stretched canvas on my easel.   No inspiration nor idea yet, but I know something will come to me.   I’m thinking of portraying Kali, Goddess of Destruction in Hinduism, who is traditionally black, or Hanuman, the Monkey God, who is often portrayed as blue.   These periods of not-quite-knowing can be frustrating and challenging, but usually result in a good painting.

Of course, I stay open to inspiration that is more “out there.”   Some of my ideas are visual and cannot easily be explained in the beginning of a painting, in words.   I actually receive the whole, finished image, as if it were transluscent and floating in front of my eyes.   I call my projects “Experiments,” because I try a little different principle or composition in each painting.   Often, I think some paintings of mine don’t even look as if they’re from the same artist!   But through it all, the power of “the vibes” propels me toward new ideas, images and work.

Prepping for a Storm of Students…

17 Nov

Today, Chris Ryle, one of “my” poets, dropped by for awhile.   He indicated he might like to volunteer at the Factory!   He has a lot of time on his hands.   He’s a pretty good poet, the real deal!   Another of “my” poets, Liz Zawisza, may drop by on Friday to shoot a narrative photo-essay.   She, too, has said she’d like to volunteer!   I believe we’re in pretty good shape.   We’ve been stocking up supplies, making a daily schedule (Dec-Jan) and lesson plans – as of today I have 12 projects laid out.   I think we’re going to have a lot of fun, and we’re going to discover native talents that have been “outsiders,” so they can tell their stories.   Part of what we do is just … relating to people, loving them and welcoming them into an adventure!

It looks as if Jason will teach Drawing twice a week, Sculpture twice a week, and Decorative Arts once a week with me.

I will teach Painting twice a week, Printing twice a week, and Decorative Arts once a week with Jason.

Michael will preside over the many 1/2-hour and 1 hour gaps designed into the schedule, as well as all of Tuesday and Thursday.   These are “Open Studio,” a time when artists can work on projects in any of our media, mostly self-guided and with minimal intervention.   Those times may produce feedback for more classes, more services, changes to the schedule and so on.   Already our new artists and poets are clamoring to get in!

About My Father-in-Law, Ray

3 Nov

  He’s 88 years old and eats CRAP and doesn’t exercise.   He had a triple coronary bypass 2 years ago, now he had a stent in a major artery, and in his foot.   He’s diabetic and nearly LOST his foot!   Ray returns home today, but he and his girlfriend, Ann, 91, don’t cook and don’t even know how to use the microwave (she doesn’t understand the TV remote.)   Typically, all day they’d eat Devil Dogs and Ding Dongs and Cinnamon Buns and miniature chocolates and cookies and soda.   Then they’d go to the Glass Kitchen restaurant every night for dinner.   Must be nice to have that kind of money!   He likes red meat best, often ordering Prime Rib.   No wonder he’s getting plaque and blockages!   I just hope he doesn’t die any time soon!

About Jo-Jo

2 Nov

Jo-Jo (“Jumping Jehosephat”) is my 17-year-old dog. He’s a border collie/spitz mix, but mostly looked like a border collie when I got him. Definitely “my” dog. He was very difficult, HI energy and we just don’t have a big yard or park to set him free. In his youth he would dash out of the house and run HUGE circles around the neighborhood. He got into fights with other dogs, he destroyed a lot of our property, and it took YEARS to housebreak him.

Now he mostly sleeps. He can’t go down or up the steps anymore, nor stand on linoleum. He’s totally deaf, partially blind and is pooping and peeing in the house once more. He walks like a drunk, and his walkies get shorter every day. I have to lift him over our steps, and Jo-Jo is HEAVY!

We’re talking about putting him down. Very difficult but it’s clear he is suffering. A vet quoted a fee of $250 to put him down and dispose of the body. Our neighbor, Bea, put down her doggy last year. Maybe we can get a price we can afford.

Recent Paintings

27 Oct

I am an Artist, primarily a painter, and I mostly paint mystical, visionary figures with elaborate halos, auras and nimbuses.   Even the more everyday and mundane paintings have a “spiritual” quality to them.   For a few years I painted smaller work, all 16″x20,” and accumulated several dozen over time.   I’m now working on 36″x48″ canvases with fluorescent acrylics.   I consider my paintings to have two states – viewed in white light, and in black-light.   Here’s a sample…

“New Passion (Fluorescent)” in White Light:

New Passion (Fluorescent)

“New Passion (Fluorescent)” in Black Light:

"New Passion (Fluorescent)" in Black Light